Monday, February 27, 2012

Sandhill Crane, # 31/50

 I found this beautiful young Sandhill Crane posing for me in Miami, near the Crandon Park Beach area.

 This Sandhill Crane was spotted on the road to Dinner Island

 I spotted this Sandhill Crane at the entrance to an Orlando FL hotel. These birds are very elegant and beautiful, and their red crown is easily distinguishable~

Interesting Facts:
A North American species. Much larger than a Great Blue Heron. Pairs dance and call in courtship during breeding season. Florida resident and non-mingatory.


  1. A excellent set of photographs,Rachelle.
    I have enjoyed looking at your images.

  2. That young Sandhill Crane is beautiful! It is always amazing to watch how fast they grow!!

  3. You have some lovely images Rachelle, enjoyed viewing them!


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