Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double-crested Cormorant, # 32/50

I spotted this Cormorant last summer @ Vierra Wetlands. The GETTY Editors contacted me through my Flickr account stating an interest in this image, and it is now available for Sale @ GETTY.

I am not a big fan of photographing birds straight on,  but this look was too funny to pass up.  He was very friendly, as tourists stood right next to him having their pictures taken, like a celebrity!  Some of my friends have seen the Neotropic Cormorant here @ Wakodohatchee, but I have not yet seen it. (distinguished by white around the eye/face)

Drying his wings on Miami Beach, near the Crandon Park area.

Interesting Facts:
Dark overal coloration, long neck, hooked bill with yellow throat patch.   Saltwater and freshwater species. Swims and dives well, and can sink out of sight if danger is sensed, but must periodically perch to dry its wings in the sun. Can be seen by the thousands in Florida Bay.


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