Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roseate Spoonbill, #25/50

Ahhh, The  Roseate Spoonbill.  This bird,  and this image,  on this day,  began my fascination with all birds.  I've been a photographer my whole life, I planted a sunflower seed in my backyard when I was 12 for the sole purpose of taking its picture, while I waited with my Vivitar 110 camera.  Today that sunflower photo hangs in a frame. I love landscapes, I love portraiture, and then this pretty pink bird flew past my viewfinder . . . . and I'm still looking for the perfect spoonie image. I've since upgraded from that Vivitar and now use a Nikon D700, 80-400mm.

These images were taken this past January @ Green Cay, my first sighting of the spoonie all season, it was a white sky, so I added some blue around the edges in LR3.

Bottom image taken this February @ Merritt Island NWR~
And so, it is the Spoonie that I celebrate today as my #25/50.  I am mid-way through my personal Bird Identification project . . . . and I am on schedule (50 in 60 days).  

Thank you all for your encouragement and comments :-)


  1. Nice background story. Keep it up. I could almost hear the narrator of the old Disney Nature shows about wildlife speaking...

  2. I too enjoyed your background story. The Spoonbills are so captivating, I can see how they spark your interest in birds!

  3. Roseate Spoonbills look so enchanting in flight with their pink feathers flapping in the air. Beautiful shots, Rachelle. Thanks for sharing their story.


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