Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glossy Ibis, #24/50

Image taken @ Vierra Wetlands.  I have other shots of this beautiful dark iridescent, but none show the coloration like this one does.  Lighting has to be almost perfect to catch the violets, greens, and chestnuts.

Interesting facts:
Usually appears dark at a distance, with a long, thin decurved bill. As an expanding New World invasive, its population will never approach the numbers of the cattle egret, although it is increasing annually.


  1. Really great shot, shows off the iridescence wonderfully.

  2. Hi Rachelle, this is a really nice image. The colours are striking, i can see how you could mistake this bird for being jet black at distance.

  3. orgeous! The lighting is great!

  4. Halfway there, keep on going


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