Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anhinga, #23/50

Here we have the Anhinga, the only bird listed in the  Category, "Anhingidae - Anhingas & Darters". The top image is a male, and the female has the brown neck, or "is wearing a brown turtle neck sweater" as I like to say. The second image shows breeding colors. The Anhinga is almost always around, whether I am visiting Green Cay, Wakodohatchee, Wellington, National Everglades, this species can be found. The breeding colors are especially beautiful~

Interesting Facts:

Like cormorants, to which it is closely related, it must dry its wings intermittently in the sun after fishing forays. It often swims below the surface with only the neck and head exposed, hence another of its names, "snake-bird".


  1. Nice captures Rachelle! I really like the inflight photo!

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