Friday, February 24, 2012

White Ibis, # 26/50

Beautiful White Ibis, images take at sunrise @ Bunche Beach, Fort Meyers, FL

An immature White Ibis

A baby White Ibis getting ready to fledge the nest.

Interesting facts:

The adult is unmistakable, being pure white with a bright red face and legs, and a long sickle-shaped bill. Common in Florida. 

This Scarlett Ibis is not part of my project, (this is a photo I took @ the Palm Beach Zoo) but I wanted to include the image for diagnostic purposes. The Scarlett Ibis is closely related to the White Ibis of South America and is a vagrant that was subject of a failed introduction attempt to southern Florida in the 1960's.


  1. Too funny, we both thought of the same bird on the same day! The Ibis is a great subject. I really like the first photo where they are wading.

  2. Super shot, the first one Rachel - I really like the simultaneous feeding. Love the Scarlet - what a creature that I didn't even know existed!

  3. Your bird photography is absolutely flawless ~ love, love seeing each new shot.


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