Sunday, March 4, 2012

Red-shouldered Hawk, #34/50

I see Red-shouldered hawks almost daily on my ride home, as they sit atop the street lamp posts, but I have yet to get a great shot of one perched closer to (my) eye level.  I found the hawk on the bottom image @ a local gas station on my way out of Bunche Beach.  I pulled my car up left and right and around so I could get a decent image from the car, but without any distracting elements. Then he quickly flew off~

Interesting facts:

Inhabitant of moist wood-lands.  The southern Florida form is smaller and paler than northern races. The adult is brownish above, with a rufous shoulder patch and breast; the rest of the underparts are white, barred rufous.


  1. Cars are great hides sometimes, lovely shots!

  2. Hi!
    Stunning portrait, great work.
    Greetings from Sweden


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