Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burrowing Owl, 35/50

The above Burrowing Owl lives in a protected area, on a soccer field.  There are quite a few owls that live at Brian Piccolo Park. The one above was not going to let me get any closer! I was using my 80-400mm, but I was very low to the ground and I think he felt threatened. I took a few pictures but didn't want to stress him out, so I left the area right after I took these shots.
I spotted this roped off area as I left Tiger Tail beach, and when I pulled over I noticed him.  There were a lot of high weeds around him, and I didn't want his sand pile in the back ground, and as you can see, he kept his eye on me as I carefully circled around to his side.

Interesting facts:

Mottled brown with barred underparts, long legs and an upright stance, this species is one of the most charismatic owls. As its name suggests, it lives and nests in underground burrows. Hunts usually at dusk, but also during the day.


  1. Very nice and also funny shots on the Owl Rachelle.
    Greetings / Kenny

  2. Beautiful shots of the Burrowing Owl, Rachelle. Maybe someday I will be lucky and spot one.
    cheers :)

  3. Great shots Rachelle, wonderfully sharp.

  4. Rachelle, these images are of an unbelievably high standard, I just can't stress enough how good that I think they are. Brilliant.

  5. Wow, absolutely stunning serie, amazing sharp pictures of a lovely owl.
    Greetings from Sweden

  6. Sweet shots Rachelle! I've been hoping to see a Burrowing Owl for a loooooonngg time. Very well done:)


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