Monday, February 27, 2012

Common Moorhen, #29/50

The Common Moorhen is a hoot to watch run on top of the water. They seem to be chasing one another - and I've never seen any other bird be able to run on top of the water like the Moorhen~ We all want to feel special, and I feel bad for anything that has the word "common" in their name :-(

The yellow-tipped red bill, red frontal shield and white line on the flanks distinguish it from similar species.  It is a very dark duck like bird, with long legs and toes, and swims readily with a bobbing-head motion, despite its unwebbed feet.


  1. Nice action shots! It looks like these Moorhens were having a bit of a disagreement, or maybe the one behind is the other's personal trainer?
    Anyway I love the photos. Moorhens are a cool bird.

  2. Hi Rachelle, I have never seen a Moorhen.......they are very unique. You have some beautiful bird shots. I love taking photos of birds in around our area when I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by and joining my photography blog. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful birds! Have a blessed day!

  3. ....runway one niner is cleared for take off:)


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