Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Knot, 56/150

I continue to have a little bit of a difficult time identifying the Dowitcher, Dunlin, Willet,  and Red Knot.  I posted this one on my FB page, and an expert identified it as a Red Knot.  I took this image a cold, windy, late afternoon in January.  I do love all the shore birds I get to photograph in Florida :-)

Interesting facts:
On nonbreeding plumage, note barred flanks. Salmon and gray breeding plumage distinctive (which I will probably never see)


  1. That is a great photo! Excellent detail! Beautiful bird as well!

    1. thank you Tammy - I will be by to enjoy your BLOG shortly~

  2. Wow, Stunning shot!
    Greetings from Sweden

  3. Incredible image! I would not have know what it was. I have such a difficult time if they are not in breeding plumage!

  4. Hi Rachelle. Imagine the gall of our shorebirds in changing their appearance after we finally think we have a handle on them. Actually, what I recommend is that you acquire Sibley's Guide to Birds, or another guide you may prefer as well as a pocket guide to Florida's birds to keep in your car's glovebox. There are indeed many shorebirds that would fit the bill to be indistinguishable to a novice (which I consider myself) while we often see similar colored legs (yellow to dull green) and generally overall appeal in a bird. The bird species you mention here are all actually quite distinctive in their appearance once you get to know them. Primarily in size although the Dunlin can be distinguished readily by its slightly downward curved bill. Attempt to memorize the sizes of our shorebirds which will be especially helpful in positive identification of the species seen while considering leg color and shape and length of the bill. Beautiful image of the knot. Extra effort must be made to be on the lookout at every opportunity to capture stunning breeding plumage this time of year.


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