Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lesser Yellowlegs, #48/50

Similar to the Greater Yellowlegs, but considerably smaller.

I enjoyed watching and waiting for this Yellowlegs to walk closer to me @ Eco Pond, Everglades National Park.

Be careful when you are are there in Nature ladies :-) I get so wrapped up in the subject I am enjoying, that I can forget the time of day or often get off the path or track.  On this particular day, I saw a "better view over there" and quickly took a misstep, and fell on slippery mud right by the edge of the water. I laughed, but learned a big lesson!  And the surrounding photographers mentioned seeing a Croc and Rattlesnakes at Eco Pond the weekend earlier~

The Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs do not overlap in size, although this can be difficult to establish in the field unless both species are observed together.  The Lesser's bill is much shorter than the larger species.  I will post both species back to back~

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