Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bald Eagle, # 38/50

This eagle flew overhead early one morning while I was watching the shore birds on Bunche Beach near Fort Meyers. I watched him for a while but he didn't return past me ~

This Juvie Bald Eagle was seen from the car on Black Point Drive @ Merritt Island.

Interesting facts:

The National Bird of the USA is easily recognizable in adult plumage by its white head and tail.  Immatures are entirely dark brown. The only eagle in Southern Florida, it is substantially larger than the Osprey, which is harasses to seize freshly caught fish. Fairly common in our region, where it is a coastal resident and breeder.


  1. Love the fly-over photo! Such a magnificent bird to see!

  2. What a cool sight and so wonderfully captured!

  3. Hello !
    You're right, ylour pics are not ordinary, many of them are really ecstraordinary :-)


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