Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bahama Birds~

I recently went to the Bahamas for a weekend and wanted to share some of the birds I saw on my trip: Banaquit
Bahama Woodstar
 Yellow-rumped Warbler
 Cuban Grassquit. . the story goes like this: This is an Endemic species to Cuba. In the 1960's an aircraft carrying a consignment of 600 finches from Cuba to Spain made an emergency landing at Nassau. About 200 birds died before they could be released, the rest were set free for humanitarian reasons. They are "feeder" birds and "city" birds, so they have fared well over the years.
I just returned from a fantastic weekend in the Bahamas, and Carolyn, our amazing tour guide, took us all over, and we saw many beautiful species of birds, and got quite the authentic tour of the city streets as well. The is a female Cuban grassquit, and they can be seen in the town of Nassau, @ a gift shop. (I would recommend the tour)
If you go, tell her I recommended her :-)


  1. What a wonderful series, Rachelle - really nice

  2. Great series of beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful birds.

  3. What a great variety of birds! They are all beautiful!!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Rachelle! The hummingbird is beautiful. And your blog header is outstanding! Love that shot!

  5. The Bahama Woodstar is fantastic! I am getting ready for my hummingbirds to return, hopefully they will arrive by the end of the month...can't wait, I love photographing them!

  6. Wow, lovely serie of absolutely stunning birds.
    Greetings from Sweden

  7. These are lovely but the Osprey in your header is brilliant.


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