Sunday, February 19, 2012

Osprey, 21/50

I had an excellent view of this Osprey and his fresh catch. In the first image he had just returned from the water and landed on the branch, in the second image, the first squirts of blood from the fish can be seen.  These images were taken at Delnor-Wiggins Pass  State Park in Naples, where their nest can also be viewed from the sand,  in a roped off area with a sign indicating "osprey nest".

Interesting facts:

Virtually cosmopolitan, being absent only from the tundra and the antarctic. Eagle sized, the head and neck are largely white.  When soaring, the Osprey kinks the wings at the "wrist", rendering it unmistakable in flight. Nests are huge and added to every year. The  Florida race is entirely white-headed and wholly white below.


  1. Superb shots Rachelle. You are so fortunate living near those Ospreys.

  2. Great action shots Rachelle! I love watching the Osprey!

  3. My word that is a beautiful bird. Fancy disturbing him eating.. ha ha. Excellent capture and a super crisp image.


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