Saturday, February 18, 2012

Northern Caracara, # 18/50

These images were taken off Snake Road, in the Florida Everglades. I spotted his large bill and crested head from a distance, quickly pulled over, took a few images, and he flew off.  The bottom image was taken last weekend @ Vance Whidden Park, Curry Island, and I believe it to be an immature.  Access to the park is along off SR 78, 12 miles north of Moore Have, directly across from Banana Grove Road.

Interesting Facts:

Formerly called  Crested Caracara. Distinctive if perched or in flight. The large bill and red facial skin and black and white barred breast distinguish the adults. Soars on flattened wings like a raven.  The imm

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  1. Great photos Rachelle! The Caracara are such unique birds. We have a handful of them in the area. I really enjoy watching them, except when they're eating another bird.


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