Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Blue Heron # 10/50

These images were taken @ Bunche Beach, Ft. Meyers FL. At one   short point in time, there were several different types of birds in this area, a Reddish Egret, a Tricolored Heron, and White Ibis. I was trying diligently to focus only on the Little Blue 
:-), and I will admit I was continually distracted by the Reddish Egret, who was stealing the show.

Interesting facts:

The adult is easily identified by its dark gray coloration, but the white immatures are possible to mistake for a number of other species, including the white morph of an immature reddish egret.  It is important to study medium-sized white herons very carefully, as they could be mistaken for a Snowy or even a Cattle Egret. Young Little Blue Herons have no head plumes and the legs are overall greenish.  


  1. Beautiful bird! I love the colors of the Little Blue.

  2. Excellent images, what a stunning little bird. !

  3. Hi Rachelle,been reading through your blog,you have captured a good array of bird species in your neck of the woods.Will be following closely,,,

  4. What a treat to see such exotic birds and sandy beaches...swoon.
    Your photography is lovely!


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