Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Blue Heron, #3/50

I chose the GBH as my #3 for my 50 birds in 60 days project. (Wings Over Florida). For a larger view, simply click anywhere on the photo~

The top image was taken in early morning light at Merritt Island NWR, Jan 2012, the 2nd image was taken @ Wakodohatchee Wetlands in Delray/Boynton Beach, and the bottom image was taken @ Vierra Wetlands, Brevard County FL.

Interesting facts:

The largest heron of the western hemisphere and unmistakable even at a distance. Blue-gray, with a yellowish bill and black head plumes in breeding plumage.  An uncommon all-white morph occurs in southern Florida, which is considerably larger than the otherwise similar Great Egret, from which it is also separable by its yellow legs. It feeds upon a wide variety of prey, such as mice, crabs, shorebirds and frogs, as well as fish. This resident nests alone or in small colonies.


  1. The silhouette on that heron is stunning against the red sky, im going to follow your plog with great interest.

    I hope that you can find the time to follow my photoblog

  2. Great photos Rachelle! That silhouette is gorgeous!


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