Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brown Pelican, #14/50

These images were taken on the  West Coast of Florida, on a chilly day in January.  I stayed around for a while watching them dive, and tried to capture images of them "diving" - I love the one I get!

Interesting facts:

The Brown Pelican is a tourists' favorite, and can be easily identified by it's large size, brown color and huge grayish bill. It can dive from great heights, its entire body disappearing below the surface. Small groups fly with synchronous wingbeats, interspersed with large glides. Common along both coasts of Florida.


  1. Great captures! I love watching the pelicans, but they can be so tricky to photograph in action! Love your new banner photo at the top of your blog!

  2. I like that diving one Rachelle.

  3. Great BIF shots Rachelle - never easy.

  4. gran serie unas fotos muy buenas un saludo


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