Thursday, September 22, 2011

my new packaging! No Landfill Required

I am madly in love with my new packaging! My photography style is natural and casual, and when I found these products from ReBinder, I knew I had to try them.  I purchased the "RePlay"Recycled Cardboard CD case and the CD label in Brown Kraft.  I love the company philosophy, and I too want to play my part to reduce the environmental footprint :-) as well as: Made in USA~ They believe products should be made in our country, with our workers, out of responsible materials with the intention that no landfill be required.But best of all, my CD case is adorable! I got a rubber stamp made, a few different color ink pads, burned cd's with client images, and tied em up with some kitchen twine. Artful, responsible and sweet packaging.


  1. I can understand why! It's adorable. And the thing that makes it even better is that your photography is flawless! xoxo

  2. Love it! Cool find too. Your brand is really coming together :)


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