Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TigerTail Beach, Marco Island, Sunset in September

I wanted to see what birds I could find on the beach during the sunset hour, and to my surprise, there were two Black Bellied Plovers! Perhaps someone that knows more about migration can shed some light on why these two didn't migrate to the Artic.  I found a tri-color bathing in the glow of the sunset, and an Osprey guarding his catch. Other than that, it was pretty quiet.  The entire Least Tern colony roped off area was completely gone, my guess is maybe some damage from Isaac, as the beach over there is usually very clean, but on Saturday, if was full of grass and dried ocean debris. And gulls, we saw lots of gulls, where I expected to find the Least Terns and Skimmers, instead were flocks of gulls~

Happy Monday and make it a great week!!